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AADE Diabetes Survey Highlights Patient Access Problems, Validates Need for OIG Study

The American Association of Diabetes Educators recently released the results of a survey they conducted that clearly shows that the CMS competitive bidding program is limiting access to insulin pumps, meters, testing strips and other diabetes supplies. According to their research, some bid winners were not honoring their bids and were offering limited or no diabetes supplies. Beneficiaries interviewed for the survey reported difficulties in finding providers with the supplies they needed or the replacement equipment for the insulin pump systems they were already using.

Examples of dangerous access issues such as these highlight the need for the access study being conducted by the HHS Office of the Inspector General (OIG). Last week, a group of AAHomecare staff and industry stakeholders met with OIG staff to clarify the goals for the OIG report as well as the methodology that has been used in previous reporting on access and utilization rates.  OAMES and other state associations are working with AAHomecare to provide more information to the OIG on the impact of the program on the hospital discharge process and access to timely services.  

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