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Power Mobility Prior Authorization Demo Extended to 2018

The following is a special news announcement released 7/14/15 from the American Association for Homecare:

In major news this morning, AAHomecare learned that the prior authorization demonstration for power mobility will be extended through August, 2018.

Originally scheduled to end in August of this year, the current demonstration was initially implemented in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, and Texas. On October 1, 2014, 12 additional states were added: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana, Missouri, Washington, New Jersey, Maryland, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, and Arizona.

"It is clear that prior authorization, when implemented correctly, is good for patients, providers and the taxpayer," said Tom Ryan, president and CEO of AAHomecare. "This is a smart program, and an example of what can happen when HME providers and CMS work together. The extension of the power mobility demonstration is good news, however, much remains to be done. AAHomecare will continue to work with CMS and Congress to develop a nationwide prior authorization program for the wider spectrum of home medical equipment."

“The AAHomecare Complex Rehab and Mobility Council has put in considerable time and effort into making the demonstration successful,” said John Letizia, president and CEO of Laurel Medical Solutions and chairman of the AAHomecare Board of Directors. “CMS’ action is due in part to pressure from our Congressional champions and AAHomecare to not let this program expire. AAHomecare will continue to work with Congress to make this program permanent, nationwide, and include accessories.”

"The demonstration's extension will continue to provide the agency with valuable data through which the agency, working with its partners, can develop new avenues for combating the submission of fraudulent claims to the Medicare program for PMDs and improving methods for the investigation and prosecution of PMD fraud," said the official notice from CMS.

Download AAHomecare's copy of the official CMS notice.

AAHomecare expects CMS to make the formal announcement tomorrow, watch for more details from CMS.

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