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HME Colleagues Join Forces to Create Powerhouse for Post-Acute Patient Care

Lab Tactical Consulting Sells to Join Industry-Changing LifeH2H Solutions


Lab Tactical Consulting, a consulting group specializing in HME operations and patient experience, has been acquired by LifeH2H Solutions. Until the merger was finalized in late July 2018, Lab Tactical was independently owned & operated by Anna and Ryan McDevitt. Owned by Dewey Roof, LifeH2H Solutions is an emerging business focused on solving complex business problems in the post-acute healthcare market.

Roof created LifeH2H Solutions with the intent of developing solutions that are rooted in clinical competence and substantiated by thoughtfully measured use cases. The Atlanta-based team of Anna McDevitt, Ryan McDevitt, and Nimesh Patel join the LifeH2H team as LifeLab, a division of the company dedicated to mapping and documenting business processes, refining patient education experiences, and developing data-driven models to support positive clinical outcomes. The team’s first goal? Make the transition from the hospital to home a positive experience for the patient and a profitable transaction for the health system.

“People are our priority,” says Roof, “that won’t change, and neither will the goal of healthcare: take care of people. There IS a right way to take care of people while improving the experience for stakeholders. This space between the hospital and the home — where patients’ clinical care is often compromised — is complex and disjointed but has bred new opportunities to improve outcomes and expand the role of HME companies in the healthcare continuum. We can, and will, elevate the relevance of HME providers in their markets like never before.  Our commitment to an intelligent, well-orchestrated solution has demonstrated not only superior patient outcomes, but we are proving doing the right thing is meaningful and profitable for all involved. Bringing Anna, Ryan, and Nimesh to the team gives LifeH2H the ability to report, refine, repeat, and scale our vision. Simply, their high-level and unique skill set fit perfectly into our high-powered unique solution suite.”

The two companies are no stranger to one another. Over the years in the small world of HME, these colleagues became friends because of a shared passion for putting the patient at the heart of business solutions. Anna McDevitt, former CEO of Lab Tactical, shares Roof’s enthusiasm for creating solutions that consider how a patient is impacted by business decisions.

“Healthcare stakeholders — providers, hospitals, health plans — make a lot of decisions in the name of the bottom line,” McDevitt explains, “It’s time we also make decisions in the name of patient care. We have an obligation to make the right choice when it comes to how people are affected by business processes. We are proud to join the LifeH2H team because of the team’s commitment to finding a balance between people and profit by creating thoughtful, purposeful solutions.”

The LifeLab division of LifeH2H will continue to operate from the Atlanta, Georgia office in Strongbox West with Anna McDevitt as Director of Customer Experience, Ryan McDevitt as Director of Professional Services, and Nimesh Patel and Implementation Manager. LifeH2H Solutions is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina.

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