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Ohio Department of Medicaid Extends Deadline to Respond to Managed Care "Request for Information"


The Ohio Department of Medicaid has extended the deadline to respond to the agency's request for information (RFI) to gather input from providers and individuals affected by the Medicaid managed care program as they prepare for re-procurement of the plans' contracts.  We encourage everyone....HME providers, Medicaid consumers, caregivers, prescribers, case managers, referral sources, associations, vendors…involved in Ohio’s Medicaid managed care program to weigh in. 

As you’ll see on page 9 of the RFI, ODM announced Aug. 1 that it’s leaving the form open on an “indefinite basis”.  Responses will be accepted on a continuing basis and the July 31 deadline is no longer in effect.  The public will be notified at least two weeks before the closing date on their website.

Please offer your experiences and ideas through this process to improve Ohio Medicaid’s managed care environment.  Respond to a few questions, or all of them, but RESPOND!  Get your staff, referral sources and customers involved!  Your input today could lead to meaningful change tomorrow and the agency needs your insight!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Kam Yuricich at

FYI -- Jim Tassie, ODM Deputy Director, featured in the video on the ODM website (top right) will be speaking at OAMES Annual Meeting & Exhibition on Oct. 29 in Columbus to provide an update on ODM’s managed care re-procurement process.   Hold the date and watch for conference information next month!  

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