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Ohio Department of Medicaid's Managed Care RFI Remains Open for Public Comment


During the Ohio Department of Medicaid's presentation at the OAMES 39th Annual Meeting last month, Jim Tassie, Deputy Director and key contact for the managed care procurement project, shared that ODM's Request for Information (RFI) is still available on ODM's website and they continue to welcome feedback.  The RFI was issued earlier this year in preparation for the state’s managed care re-procurement process in the months ahead.

According to Mr. Tassie, the RFI remains “open throughout the life of the project”.  We encourage everyone impacted by Ohio Medicaid's managed care program to participate.  The more voices the better so please consider sharing your concerns through the RFI.  While it is lengthy and asks a variety of questions for different audiences, you only need to answer those relevant to you so don't let the format and its size stop you from sharing comments and experiences.  

You can view OAMES' response submitted in July. 

OAMES will continue to work with the Ohio Department of Medicaid and track the progress of the re-procurement process.  OAMES is also reviewing the current ODM Managed Care provider agreements with the Medicaid plans to identify opportunities to improve the language for HME providers and the consumers of those products and services.  We'll continue to update members on those efforts.


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