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CMS Seeks HME Community Input on Bidding Program Survey

Request for Comments on CBP Survey Questions Due Dec. 20th


CMS is requesting comments from the public on questions to include in their competitive bidding program survey to stakeholders. CMS is interested in surveying stakeholders such as beneficiaries, contract suppliers, and discharge planners to monitor the program in real-time. These comments are due next Friday, December 20.

We encourage suppliers to provide feedback on this rare opportunity. Below are some key points that our national association, the American Association for Homecare, will be highlighting in their letter to CMS and HME advocates are welcome to include your own recommendations:

  • CMS should issue the same surveys in advance of the implementation of the Round 2021 competitive bidding program to develop a baseline against which CMS can compare survey results from during the competitive bidding program. 
  • CMS should survey the stakeholders twice a year to better monitor trends and changes from competitive bid program impacts.
  • Once surveys reveal particular negative impacts, CMS needs to conduct a root cause analysis and develop a corrective action plan that is shared with the industry in the spirit of transparency.  
  • CMS should publicize survey results, and the results should be available within a reasonable timeframe.

In addition, AAHomecare is providing a list of sample questions to include in the surveys for beneficiaries/caregivers, contract suppliers, case managers, and NIV patients (pre-CB and post-CB). We welcome HME suppliers to share these questionnaires with your comments. These are in Word document format:

You can submit your comments to using the subject line  “Competitive Bidding Surveys” in order for your feedback to be considered. Comments are due December 20th.  See more details in CMS' announcement.

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