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Details on Round 2021 Still on Hold

News from American Association for Homecare


Last week, HME suppliers received a notice from the CBIC indicating that that Competitive Bidding Round 2021 “contract offers and disqualification information would soon be provided” in Connexion and encouraging suppliers to make sure their CMS Enterprise Portal information was up to date. 
Through our counsel, AAHomecare reached out to CMS about the email and learned that the CBIC sent this message out without clearing it with CMS.  Furthermore, our counsel was told that CMS has not yet made a decision on moving forward on Round 2021.
Like the rest of the HME community, AAHomecare is anxiously awaiting details on the scope and timing for Round 2021.  We continue to advocate for a delay of the next bidding round for at least one year or through the length of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE), whichever is later.  A delay will allow HME suppliers to continue to play a major role in supporting patients and reducing pressures on hospitals and clinicians during the PHE and also give HME stakeholders and CMS a chance to address the dramatic changes in the healthcare landscape in the wake of the pandemic.
AAHomecare will alert its members as soon as we receive definitive news on the status of Round 2021.

**OAMES will be tracking these developments and share with members as well.

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