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Capitol Hill Drama Won’t Derail Advocacy Priorities

Article Source: AAHomecare Wednesday in Washington 10/14/15

The drama surrounding the House leadership changes last week captured headlines in D.C., but for the AAHomecare lobbying team, it was business-as-usual moving forward key policy priorities.

On the competitive bidding front, we continue to work with our allies on the Hill to finalize legislation that would lessen the effects of CMS’ plans to expand bidding-derived pricing outside of actual bidding regions.  Legislation could be proposed shortly after Congress returns from recess next week, so please continue your outreach to members of Congress to let them know what expanding this program will mean for you and your business.  You can easily send a letter to your Representatives here, and find contact info to follow up with a call here. See more on our recently-updated issue brief.

Legislation to exclude complex rehab accessories from the bidding program, H.R. 3229, continues to add co-sponsors.   An April 2015 letter to CMS expressing concern about CMS’ plans to apply bidding prices to CRT accessories was signed by 100 House members; if your MoC is on this list, please contact their office and ask that they co-sponsor this bill.   You can also sign on to this petition at, and share it with your friends and peers, and on social media (tools to easily share on Facebook & Twitter are also available at that link).  See our issue brief for additional perspective.

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