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KMESA Requests Equipment and Supplies for Kentucky Flood Victims


We have all seen the tragic stories and footage of the disastrous flooding in Kentucky. Here’s an opportunity to help a fellow state association doing their part to provide relief to those suffering in their state from this devastation.

The Kentucky Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (KMESA) executive director Teresa Aldridge sent out a request to their members asking for assistance with medical equipment needs. We ask that you consider helping if you're able to provide items that are listed below for our neighboring state. Please reach out to Teresa at or call (270)849-8991 if you would like to help.

Below are some of the critical HME items that are in need: 

One suggestion: any equipment that is donated it is recommended any company labels be removed.

Teresa said, “I will oversee any donations and make sure they are given to the appropriate areas.”  

Again anyone who would like to make a donation, please contact Teresa by email - OR by phone at (270)849-8991

You can also send supplies or a contribution to the Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) Foundation for Flood Relief Fund at 

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