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DME Community Emergency Response Group and Federal Resources Available During and After Hurricane Ian

Please Report Issues You're Experiencing


Government Relations News Update 9/28/2022:"VGM Government Relations is Here to Help During a Disaster"


With Hurricane Ian changing course, hitting parts of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, and being upgraded to a category 4 hurricane, we want to ensure that HME suppliers in the affected areas are prepared for the aftermath of a large storm.  

We want to hear your real-time issues during and after Hurricane Ian!

The DME Community Emergency Response Group is seeking assistance in compiling data that can be sent to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to highlight the expenses, time, and unrest before, during, and after a natural disaster.  

CMS, CGS, and the OPOLE teams want to be helpful in these situations. They need to hear from you. What are your issues? Are you having problems being reimbursed for equipment distributed during the storm? Are you having trouble arranging equipment for beneficiaries that are not normally serviced by your company? These are the problems that we need to hear about in these situations so that we can better prepare teams for the next disaster. 

Please report any issues you have to Emily Harken at 319-274-8465 or

Medicare has provided these resources to be used during a disaster to receive care and drugs in the wake of disasters or emergencies. 

Do not forget to review the disaster resources on the emergency preparedness website.  

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