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Important CGS Information Regarding Changes to EIDM Registration

The following is an important list-serve message from Jurisdiction B DME MAC:

On May 2, CGS notified you of our intent to modify the use of a social security number for "end users" who register in EIDM.  Unfortunately, on May 3rd, we found that EIDM had removed the optional use of a social security number over the weekend of 5/2 in preparation for additional identity proofing requirements coming later this fall.  As a result, a social security number is now mandatory for all myCGS users, and CGS is unable to modify the requirement.  

This is the primary reason we are working diligently to get you registered NOW, before those new requirements are implemented.  We can assure you the EIDM site uses the most robust of internet security.  They use the same Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocols used by banks and industry leaders.  We can also assure you the information is NOT passed to myCGS in any way.  We do not store the information in myCGS, so there is zero risk of your personal information being pulled from our site.

As you prepare to register for EIDM access to myCGS, we encourage you to review the EIDM Frequently Asked Questions located at

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