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Reminder Jurisdiction B DME MAC Closure Date - 6/30/2016

As we prepare to transition the Jurisdiction B Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractor (DME MAC) contract to CGS, we would like to remind you that Thursday, 6/30/2016 will be the final day National Government Services will administer the Jurisdiction B DME MAC contract. We will be available through the end of the business day on Thursday, 6/30/2016 and you will be able to access and utilize the following:

  • Provider Contact Center and Interactive Voice Response System
  • Jurisdiction B Welcome page
  • NGSConnex Web Portal

Following close of business on Thursday, 6/30/2016 the Jurisdiction B Welcome page will be removed from service and will no longer be available for suppliers to obtain related content. In addition, the NGSConnex web portal will no longer be available for suppliers to obtain Jurisdiction B DME MAC information.

CGS will launch the new Jurisdiction B website on 7/01/16 and they will assume distribution of important messages via ListServ/email starting 7/01/16 so Jurisdiction B suppliers will not see a gap in information distribution.  The myCGS secure web portal will be available on 7/05/16.

As a reminder, CGS activated their Jurisdiction B fax lines on 6/27/16.  Suppliers may use those lines to:

  • Initiate a redetermination or reopening and submit additional support documentation
    • Redetermination: 1.615.660.5976
    • Reopening:  1.615.660.5978
    • Additional support documentation:  1.615.782.4516
  • Initiate an Advance Determination of Medicare Coverage (ADMC): 1.615.660.5988
  • Initiate a Power Mobility Devices Prior Authorization Request (PMD PAR): 1.615.660.5992
  • Respond to a Medical Review or Claims additional documentation request (ADR): 1.615.660.5993

It is very important to remember that CGS cannot begin processing faxed requests or documentation until transition of the Jurisdiction B contract is complete on July 5.

Additional information regarding implementation can be viewed on the CGS DME MAC Jurisdiction B Implementation Website.

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