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Two New Government Security Updates to Affect DME my CGS Web Portal

Action Required by DME Providers

Are you considering using the DME myCGS web portal? Be advised—beginning August 22, 2016, CMS will be requiring a new Remote Identity Proofing (RIDP) process, based on personal, identifiable information verified against the credit validation company, Experian. All myCGS users who are approved in the portal before 5:00 PM on August 19th will be "grandfathered" and will not have to meet the new RIDP requirements. We strongly urge you to register before August 12, so you can complete the approval process before the grandfathering deadline. If you are an existing user of myCGS, you will need to register an MFA option in your EIDM account prior to August 22, 2016.

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