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HME Providers Urged to Share Survey with Referral Sources to Identify Rural Rate Reduction Impact

HME companies nationwide are encouraged to share a  brief, specially-developed survey with their referral sources to measure the impact of the bid rate expansion to rural/non-bid areas, in particular how it's impacting the hospital discharge process, the timely delivery of HME products and the overall access of services.  A printable version of the survey is available at; suppliers may also share an online version of the survey with case managers and referral staff.

The American Association for Homecare and OAMES will be using the data to support legislative efforts to demonstrate the effects of recent deep cuts for Medicare reimbursement stemming from the rates created by the latest round of the competitive bidding program, both for companies located in competitive bidding areas, as well as those in rural and non-bid areas that are subject to pricing derived from that program. We are hearing stories but we need this information to be captured in the survey so we can share the full picture with legislators and the media.

For more information on the survey, contact Kam Yuricich, executive director of OAMES at, or Ashley Plauché, manager of government relations at AAHomecare, at

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