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Submit Licensure Updates Online - No 855S Hassle!

Article by MiraVista,LLC

The NSC announced last week that they have created an online tool for submitting licensure documentation and updates via their website. The new online form allows users to upload PDF copies of license(s) electronically without having to submit a cumbersome and lengthy CMS-855S enrollment application. Because licenses change periodically throughout the year, and the supplier standards mandate that the NSC receive notification of all changes in a timely fashion, having a means to easily transmit these changes is welcome news!

We recommend that you schedule a quarterly or semi-annual assessment of your licenses to ensure that you send the most up-to-date copies to the NSC. Using this tool is simple - just enter your identifying information in the designated fields, attach your licensure documentation and click "submit." There's no need to complete a change of information. If you have not recently sent copies of your renewed licenses to the NSC, we recommend putting the licensure form to use. Do not submit a CMS-855S application or any changes of information with this Web form.

This tool can help you reclaim valuable time and will ensure you remain in compliance with the NSC. To access the form, visit the NSC website, select the "Forms/Tools" option in the header, then click the NSC Licensure Documentation Web Form. Bookmark the page for easy reference and start using the form today!

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