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Govenor Kasich Releases Ohio's Executive Budget

Medical Board Consolidation Proposed Again Affecting ORCB and HME Licensing

On Monday, Governor Kasich released the State Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Executive Budget. The appropriation of $71.5 billion in SFY 2018 represents a 4.4% increase over estimated SFY 2017 spending. The state's Medicaid Expansion is continued in this proposal and Medicaid spending continues to represent the single-largest program in the state budget with recommended all-funds appropriations of $28.1 billion in SFY 2018.

OAMES has conducted a quick review of the 859-page budget document and the only DME-specific issue appears to be the proposal to consolidate some of the state's licensing Boards. The Governor is proposing to eliminate the Ohio Respiratory Care Board (ORCB) similar to what was proposed in state legislation last fall (HB 617, SB 366) which eventually died in committee. ORCB would exist through to January 21, 2018. From that point on, the licensing functions dealing with respiratory care would be handled by the State Medical Board and the HME functions would be handled by the State Board of Pharmacy.

We will be working with the state legislature and the ORCB as the budget bill moves through the legislative process and we'll keep members updated as we learn more.  For more information on the biennial budget, click here.  

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