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Help Us Highlight Patient Access Issues!

While we’re making headway within Congress and the Administration to better understand the harmful affects of the Medicare bidding program and its expanded impact on non-bid and rural areas, some Washington bureaucrats continue to push back, saying they have not heard enough beneficiary complaints about access issues.
It’s time to turn up the volume!
Help us fight back by engaging your patients, family caregivers, and referral sources in the advocacy process.   Specifically, we are looking for stories that pertain to:

  • Beneficiaries being asked to pay up front because company no longer “takes assignment”
  • Beneficiaries paying out of pocket for the equipment/services and not filing a claim
  • HME companies no longer taking new Medicare patients
  • HME companies no longer providing O2 for Medicare patients 
  • HME companies closing
  • No local company to provide equipment/services

If you know of these issues happening in your area, have your customers, families, and referral sources contact People for Quality Care’s complaint hotline (800.404.8702) or visit to share their story and be connected to their Member of Congress.  
Contact Kam Yuricich, OAMES Executive Director at or Ashley Plauché, AAHomecare’s Manager of Government Affairs at for more information.  

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