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AAHomecare's HME Audit Key Now Open for Data Submission

The HME Audit Key is now open for the HME community to submit data on cumulative counts of pre- and post-payment audits and appeal claim outcomes under DME MAC, RAC and SMRC reviews. Participation is free. Even if you have not participated previously, we encourage you to take part in our data collection efforts - increased industry participation will help us make a stronger case for audit reform.  Please submit your data for this round by February 16.

Survey Changes from Quarterly to Twice-Yearly Submission Format
Data collection for the HME Audit Key will transition from collecting data on a quarterly basis to a twice-yearly format, starting with this data collection round, which is currently open. We believe the change to a twice-yearly format will allow more HME suppliers to participate in the program, which in turn will strengthen the validity of the survey findings. Your data is critically needed to help AAHomecare make the case for reforming Medicare audits for HME.  Register and learn more at
New Benefit for Participants
Companies who participate in the next rounds (January 2018 and July 2018) will have access to a benchmark report that allows them to see how their company compares to other participants.

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