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Ohio Medicaid Seeks Federal Approval to Implement Work Requirement

Public Input Sought Through Hearings and Online Comments


Today, Ohio Medicaid announced it will seek federal approval to implement a work requirement to promote financial independence, community engagement and better health outcomes among Medicaid expansion enrollees. Most of the 700,000 Ohioans enrolled in the Medicaid expansion work – 58 percent earned income in the previous year and 44 percent currently meet the work requirement. Additional enrollees are exempt from the requirement based on Ohio law and new federal guidelines. As a result, an estimated 95 percent of the current Medicaid expansion population will meet the work requirement or be exempt, and the remaining 5 percent – about 36,000 individuals – will need to seek work or otherwise comply with the requirement to remain enrolled in Medicaid.

Ohio Medicaid posted the proposed work requirement online for public comment through March 18. Public hearings will be held in Cincinnati on February 21 and Columbus on March 1.


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