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Ohio Board of Pharmacy Files Proposed HME Rules

Deadline to Submit Comments is 10/17/18


The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy has filed proposed rules for Home Medical Equipment (HME) services. The Board of Pharmacy assumed duties of administering HME licensure and registration on Jan. 21, 2018 when the Ohio Respiratory Care Board was abolished in HB 49, the state's general Biennial Budget Bill, for the 132nd Ohio General Assembly.  The Ohio Respiratory Care Board transferred its Home Medical Equipment duties to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy and its Respiratory Care duties to the State Medical Board of Ohio.

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy is seeking public input on the following rules:   

  • 4729:11-1-01- Definition section for home medical equipment division. (Rescinds current rules 4761:1-3-01 and 4761:1-3-02). 
  • 4729:11-2-01- Establishes the requirements for licensure or certificate of operation for a home medical equipment provider, including renewal. (Rescinds current rules 4761:1-5-02, 4761:1-7-01, 4761:1-7-02, 4761:1-7-03).
  • 4729:11-2-02- Establishes the requirements for the designated representative on a home medical services license or certification of registration.
  • 4729:11-2-03- Provides the requirements for application as a home medical services provider.
  • 4729:11-2-04- Establishes the approved accrediting organizations for registered home medical equipment providers. (Rescinds current rules 4761:1-4-01).
  • 4729:11-2-05- Defines the requirements for reporting a change in business or discontinuation of business to the Board and outlines when a new license number and application fee is required.
  • 4729:11-3-01- Establishes the minimum standards for home medical equipment providers. (Rescinds current rules 4761:1-9-01, 4761:1-9-02, 4761:1-9-04, 4761:1-9-05).
  • 4729:11-3-02- Provides the requirements for record keeping for home medical equipment providers.
  • 4729:11-3-03- Establishes the Board of Pharmacy’s authority to inspect a home medical equipment provider.
  • 4729:11-3-04- Establishes the continuing education requirements for home medical equipment providers. (Rescinds current rule 4761:1-13-01).
  • 4729:11-3-05- Defines the requirements for advertising and solicitation standards. (Rescinds current rules 4761:1-15-01 and 4761:1-15-02).
  • 4729:11-4-01- Establishes the Board of Pharmacy’s authority to impose disciplinary actions on a home medical equipment provider. (Rescinds current rules 4761:1-11-01, 4761:1-11-02, 4761:1-11-03, 4761:1-11-04).

The Business Impact Analysis, along with a copy of the rules, can be accessed here:

Comments on the proposed rules will be accepted until close of business on October 17, 2018. Please send all comments to the following email address:

In addition, please copy your comments to:

OAMES will be reviewing and submitting comments on behalf of members but we encourage all HME providers operating in Ohio to review and comment as well.  Ms. Simon will be speaking at the OAMES 38th Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Columbus on Oct. 23 providing an overview of the proposed rule changes and update on the implementation timeline.  For information on the annual conference, go to this website's HomePage and Calendar. 

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