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New HME Rules Under State Board of Pharmacy Effective Dec. 15, 2019


The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy recently distributed a provider update to all HME organizations doing business in Ohio that included important rules changes going into effect on 12/15/19.

Highlights of the changes:

  • ALL licensure and registered HME providers are required to notify the Pharmacy Board of their “Designated Representative” by 12/15/19;
  • For licensed HME providers located outside of Ohio, they are required to obtain registration as an HME service provider on or before June 30, 2022;
  • Additional changes were made in the HME chapter of Ohio Administration Code 4729:11. Links to the affected rules are listed in the provider update linked above. Be sure to carefully review with your staff.

It’s important to remind members that Ohio’s HME licensure law passed in 2004 created two designations for HME providers:  licensure and registration.  The distinction between the two is whether the provider is accredited or not:

  • If the company is accredited, you must apply for a certificate of registration as an HME Service Provider. Pharmacy Board continuing education requirements do NOT apply to registered providers.  The list of recognized accrediting bodies is available here.
  • If you’re not accredited, you must apply for licensure under the Board of Pharmacy and CE requirements under OAC 4729:11-3-04 do apply. The list of approved CE providers is available here and includes OAMES.    

OAMES would like to thank the Board of Pharmacy for working with the association over the past year on these rules as well as the HME Advisory Council to discuss and develop these changes.  For complete information about Ohio’s HME licensure and registration requirements, click here.  For Ohio’s HME law, refer to the Ohio Revised Code here.  If you have any questions, contact Kam Yuricich at OAMES' office.

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