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Ohio Secretary of State LaRose Mandates Curbside Voting Option


Ohio residents concerned about entering a polling place Tuesday amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak must be allowed to vote curbside, according to a state directive.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose has issued a directive to county election boards requiring curbside voting when a concerned resident "sends another person into the polling location to inform precinct election officials of their desire to vote."

The directive lays out a 16-step process for election officials to follow in cases in which such a request is made.

The document also mandates election boards accept and process absentee ballot requests from voters who are "unforeseeably confined or hospitalized" and submit the request by 3 p.m. on election day.

"In the context of the current public health emergency, 'confined' includes voters who are either told by a health care professional to stay home or are otherwise following the advice of a healthcare professional to isolate themselves," the directive states.

The voter or their family must return the ballot to the board by the close of polls on Tuesday.

The directive also advises election officials to separate voters in line by at least four feet.

Mr. LaRose is slated to hold a news conference at 2 p.m. with Gov. Mike DeWine.

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