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Out of Equipment? Too Much Equipment? SWAP IT.

Providers Helping Providers Through VGM Online Portal


OAMES is pleased to share this announcement from VGM in the spirit of "providers helping providers" during this time of rapid change and high demand.  We commend our members who are on the front-line of this fight keeping patients served safely and timely to avoid hospital admissions and complications and minimizing the risk of exposure to their own staff.

Thank you to VGM for putting together this resource to allow providers to support each other during this public health crisis.  Please see the information below and take advantage of this resource -- we're all in this together! 


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow and evolve, the demand for equipment that will be essential in treating COVID-19 in the post-acute setting, such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, and likely BiPAP/CPAP/RAD equipment will likely grow as well. Based on some projections, demand could potentially end up greater than the supply of those products, resulting in shortages of equipment in certain areas.

We recognize that our members and vendor partners are critical lifelines in this crisis and would like to assist in addressing this potential shortage and help our members show the value of what the DMEPOS supplier community offers. To that end, VGM would like to help our members supply equal demand whenever possible. Some of you will run out of equipment, while others will be sitting on a surplus of that same equipment. We are opening up our members only portal as a venue for providers to identify areas (both geographic areas as well as equipment categories) where demand is outweighing supply, or vice versa. Providers who so choose can share/rent/buy equipment to/from one another.

It is simple.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Discussion Boards.
  3. Type in your request.
    1. Ex: I am out of concentrators and I am looking to buy 25 of them, and I am located in Seattle, WA. I need them within 2 days. Does anyone have any available that they can spare? Please contact me to discuss details.

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