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DME MAC Jurisdiction B News from CGS: Accelerated/Advance Payment


CMS has expanded the current Accelerated and Advance Payment Program during the COVID-19 public health emergency to extend financial hardship relief to impacted Medicare Providers, Physicians, and Suppliers. Instructions for the CGS Accelerated and Advance Payment process may be found here. Special considerations will be given for COVID-19 circumstances.

As per those instructions, a Request for Accelerated/Advance Payment form must be completed to begin the process. To enact COVID-19 considerations, the second box "Delay in provider billing process of an isolated temporary nature beyond the provider's normal billing cycle and not attributable to other third party payers or private patients" should be checked and an explanation provided which indicates that the request is related to COVID-19. The request may be submitted to CGS via email, fax 1.615.664.5949, or mail to:

CGS Administrators, LLC
ATTN: CFO Accelerated Payments
PO Box 20018
Nashville, TN 37202

COVID-19 Accelerated Payment Telephone Hotline: The telephone hotline 1.855.769.9920 has been created to address supplier accelerated payment questions as afforded by the COVID-19 response. The hotline is available Monday–Friday 7:00 am–4:00 pm Central Time (CT).


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