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ODH Announces Mandatory Statewide Inventory of Ventilators and Other Breathing Devices

Response Due 5 pm Today and Weekly Until Further Notice


Yesterday, the Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton, MD, MPH, issued an order that all entities with ventilators and other respiratory items report their inventory no later than 5:00 pm each Wednesday beginning today, April 1 until further notice.  The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy distributed a newsletter with this information last night to all HME providers licensed/registered by the Board. The newsletter is also posted on Pharmacy Board’s website.  The inventory is to be reported online at this ODH link which lists several products and asks the question “Are you willing for this equipment to be deployed in the COVID-19 response?”  We recognize this is a difficult question for our provider members as their “inventory” has been purchased to fulfill patients’ on-going medical needs at home but we recognize the State’s intent for this mandate during this public healthcare emergency. 

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