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Navigating the New Normal Podcast, Sales and MarketingThrough COVID-19

Podcast hosted by Team@Work, sponsored by Prochant


Coach Ty Bello from Team@Work is no stranger to the Home Medical Equipment and Complex Rehab Industry. His career now spans three decades of direct sales and leadership in our industry. 

Ty has developed some strategic webinars and podcasts to apply to your sales efforts, during and post COVID-19. The Webinar Series has four webinars and two podcasts that they will be offering over the next few months. The first podcast of this series is live on April 30 and sponsored by Prochant.


Navigating the New Normal (PODCAST) – Ty Bello and Joey Graham

Earlier this year Ty Bello, Team@Work and Joey Graham, PROCHANT wrote a white paper titled 2021 & Beyond: From Surviving to Thriving. In this white paper that looked at how HME providers are reflecting on the status of competitive bidding today and the future of the program tomorrow. Round 2021 was supposed to contain a pay increase to providers to the tune of 20%. The two got together and came up with some ideas for where providers can invest that extra cash to turbo-charge their businesses in 2021 and beyond.

Then…the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Literally 1 month after we published our white paper about moving from surviving to thriving, the biggest disruption to business that any of us have seen in our lifetimes, a disruption of global proportions that is ongoing as of this very moment. And now we’re back in survival mode.

Does this change things? Yes, of course it does. Do all of the recommendations that Ty and Joey went over in our white paper still apply? No, not all of them BUT many of them continue to apply and in some ways may be more important than ever before.

In this Podcast: Navigating the New Normal; we will share some valuable information on this New Normal we are facing in HME. We want to re-visit some of the key recommendations that we brought forward previously, but talk about them given the current circumstances as well as where we think things are going longer-term.

We have broken this down into two separate Podcasts so we can keep them to 25-30 minutes each.

Part One of the Podcast will include:

  • Financial Management
  • Participate in Education and Industry Events
  • Support and Serve Your Team
  • What does Work from Home (WFH) Look Like for your Business

Part Two of the Podcast will conclude with:

  • How to Implement an Operating System - "A Crisis always causes us to Redirect our Priorities
  • Tap into Resources - Providers and Experts
  • Look for Opportunities
  • The Strategy - "A Goal without a Plan is nothing more than a Wish"




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