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DME MAC Clarification on Payer Change Equipment Demonstration


Last week, the DME MACs jointly provided a clarification on equipment examinations when patients switch to Medicare stating that suppliers can conduct this via a telephone call during this Public Health Emergency.
Question: With payor changes, not all patients are comfortable with us going into their home to check their equipment. Can we conduct a telephonic check and document that their equipment is working fine and if not, we of course would offer an equipment exchange? Trying to avoid as much personal contact as possible.
Response: As with other flexibilities granted during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE), the DME MACs agree that avoiding direct contact between supplier personnel and beneficiaries is preferable; therefore, confirming that equipment in the beneficiary’s possession from a prior insurer is in good working order and in “like new” condition may be accomplished via telephone. Suppliers should maintain detailed documentation of the conversation with the beneficiary (or beneficiary’s representative) to meet this relaxed requirement. Following the termination of the PHE, the DME MACs will return to the enforcement of Proof of Delivery requirements outlined in the Standard Documentation Requirements Policy Article (A55426).
This clarification was shared by the Region B Council in a letter to an HME provider. The DME MACs have received requests to publish this guidance on their websites.  The HME community is pleased to see this clarification and thanks the DME MACs for this helpful guidance.

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