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Medicaid/CHIP Provider Relief Application Deadline Extended to August 3


On Friday, HHS announced that the application deadline for Medicaid/CHIP funding was extended from Monday, July 20, 2020 to Monday, August 3, 2020.  

HHS has emphasized that providers who were eligible for the initial distributions of Medicare-based relief in April are not eligible for this round of Medicaid/CHIP-based relief, even if a provider did not accept payment.

FAQ on Revenue Information Updated

In the Friday update to the Provider Relief FAQs, HHS provided more guidance on revenue information that need to be submitted in the Enhanced Provider Relief Fund Portal

What specific revenue information should I enter into the application portal? (modified 7/17/2020 - see page 36) 
Applicants should enter the most recent revenues number from its federal tax return of 2017, 2018, or 2019. If the applicant for tax purposes is a: 

  • Sole proprietor or disregarded entity owned by an individual: Enter Line 3 from IRS Form 1040, Schedule C excluding any income reported on W-2. 
  • Partnership: Enter Line 1c minus Line 12 from IRS Form 1065.
  • C corporation: Enter Line 1c minus Line 15 from IRS Form 1120. 
  • S corporation: Enter Line 1c minus Line 10 from IRS Form 1120-S. 
  • Tax-exempt organization: Enter Line 9 from IRS Form 990 minus any joint venture income, if included in Part VIII lines 2a – 2f. 
  • Trust or estate: Enter Line 3 from IRS Form 1040, Schedule C. 
  • Entity not required to file any of the previously mentioned IRS forms: Enter a “net 37 patient service revenue” number or equivalent from the applicant’s most recent audited financial statements (or management-prepared financial statements) 
  • Applicants with gross revenue adjustments should enter an adjusted gross revenues number as calculated using the Gross Revenues Worksheet in Field 15 available at: [note: the link provided in the FAQ appears to be having some difficulties at this time].

AAHomecare encourages members to continue to regularly check the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund website and related FAQs for updated information. For any questions specific to your application, we recommend suppliers to call the relief hotline (866) 569-3522. 
Here are additional materials for the Medicaid/CHIP provider relief:

Thank you to AAHomecare for providing this information.

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