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HHS Announces Additional $20 Billion for Provider Relief

Providers can apply for Phase 3 General Distribution Funding Oct. 5 through Nov. 6, 2020


AAHomecare provided the following update today.  OAMES appreciate the organization's close monitoring and timely reporting on this important federal issue for HME providers. 

Yesterday, HHS announced additional funding for health care providers through the Provider Relief Fund. Providers that already received their relief of 2% of net patient revenue through the $50B Phase 1 & 2 of General Distribution are again eligible for the new $20B Phase 3 of General Distribution. In addition, companies that started servicing patients in 2020 that were previously ineligible for the General Distribution Phase 1 & 2 funding are now eligible for this funding opportunity. 

According to the announcement, HHS will first confirm whether the applicant received the 2% net patient revenue from Phase 1 & 2 and will fulfill that relief payment if it has not been met. With the remaining funding budget, HHS will then determine the appropriate additional payments by considering the provider’s change in patient revenue, change in expenses from patient care, and funding already received from other Provider Relief Fund payments.

Applications for Phase 3 will open on Monday, October 5, 2020 and are scheduled to end on November 6, 2020. HHS recommends that eligible providers submit their application early to help expedite the payment review process.

Please Note: As of this publication, there is no additional information on the application available on the Provider Relief Fund website, but it should be updated very soon. Suppliers should be aware of the Terms & Conditions and potential reporting and audit requirements associated with this funding before applying.

You can read HHS’ full announcement here.

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