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CRT Telehealth Update from NCART; Action Needed to Email Congress


The following is an update from NCART on the efforts of the CRT Remote Services Consortium who are continuing to work to secure a permanent Telehealth option for people with disabilities who require Complex Rehab Technology (CRT).

A key part of this initiative is getting Congress to include in legislation the ability for CMS to “make permanent” the temporary COVID-19 policies that designate physical therapists and occupational therapists as authorized Telehealth practitioners and allow the use of related billing codes. This action will provide long-term access that will continue past the expiration of the current Public Health Emergency. 

With the start of the new session of Congress, the Senate and House will be developing and reintroducing new Telehealth legislation. To fully communicate the CRT Telehealth needs we have submitted comments from NCART and the CRT Remote Services Consortium to the Senate and House Telehealth Workgroups. You can get a copy of our comments here. CRT stakeholders can also help in this effort.

We ask you to echo this request with your Senators and Representatives by communicating the importance of legislation to protect continued Telehealth access for people with disabilities who rely on CRT. You can visit the dedicated website here to get more information and follow the steps to send an email to your Members. By providing your residence you will be matched to your Members and can then use the email message provided or personalize as needed. Sending your emails will take less than 3 minutes.

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