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Juris B DME MAC Announces myCGS 7.0 Goes LIVE on March 1, 2021


On March 1, 2021, CGS will be launching myCGS 7.0, the latest version of their online portal, which includes several major updates:

  • New suggested password generator
  • New temporary password email link
  • New Google Authenticator option for instant MFA codes (mobile and desktop options available)

In order to implement these improvements, CGS must adjust the availability of certain myCGS functions. Please take note of the following 2021 dates:

Friday, February 19 Last day for new myCGS registration prior to March 1
Saturday, February 20 - Sunday, February 28 Temporary suspension of new myCGS registrations
Monday, February 22 Last day for email update requests
Thursday, February 25 Last day to complete Recertifications due between February 26 - March 1
Thursday, February 25 Last day for users in a “Suspended” status due to inactivity to reactivate account
Thursday, February 25 Last day to add Tax ID updates
Friday, February 26 Last day to update MFA preference
Friday, February 26 starting at 3 pm CT myCGS UNAVAILABLE
Saturday, February 27 myCGS UNAVAILABLE
Sunday, February 28 myCGS UNAVAILABLE
March 1 beginning at 6 am CT myCGS AVAILABLE


They advise providers to continue checking emails for upcoming reminders! Read more...

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