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Now’s the Time to Share “Value of HME” Message


Whether challenges caused by the public health emergency, or winter storms and spring floods, NOW is a critical time to engage legislators and regulators and educate them on the incredible role of the home medical equipment provider in these difficult times. 

AAHomecare continues to develop resources as part of its ongoing effort to ensure that the HME industry’s work in communities across America is understood and appreciated. We strongly encourage HME providers members to tap into these excellent tools for advancing the “Value of HME” message. Through the association’s Payer Relations Council’s focus, AAHomecare has curated resources that highlight the major role providers and manufacturers play in ensuring high quality care, including one specific to our industry's efforts during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE). 

A flyer titled HME’s Impact in the Pandemic outlines the challenges faced by the home medical equipment community to protect and serve patients under the extraordinary challenge of the PHE. The flyer also highlights the assistance provided on a broader scale in the healthcare community, including engaging respiratory therapists to help staff hospitals and educate employees across the country on how to use various kinds of ventilators utilized during the pandemic. The HME’s Impact in the Pandemic PPT slide deck was developed to help HME stakeholders make clear and effective presentations to legislators and payers. Please review these resources and incorporate them into your discussions with payers and elected officials at the state and federal level to help tell the story of HME within the greater healthcare continuum. 

Today’s focus: HME providers are urged to advocate for HR 315, the Medicare Sequester COVID Moratorium Act, to continue the pause of the 2% Medicare sequester cuts through the duration of the public health emergency. While HME industry-specific legislative efforts have yet to be finalized this early in the new Congress, now is the time to be reaching out to your elected officials to introduce or continue your dialogue about the critical role of HME providers and begin laying the groundwork for future discussions. 

For additional details and resources, visit the AAHomecare-VGM sponsored Grassroots Accountability Project (GAP) website

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