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Today's COVID-19 Update With Highlights of Gov. DeWine's Press Conference


Governor DeWine gave his regularly scheduled press conference at Dayton’s regional mass vaccination clinic. The Governor, and Dr. Bruce Vanderoff with the Ohio Department of Health, discussed the state’s rising number of positive cases and concerns with the three COVID-19 variants that make up 80% of those positives.

With increased supplies and demand for vaccines, the state is allocating most based on county populations, but areas with great demand and increased cases may receive increased shipments of the vaccine as well.

The Governor also detailed the state’s plan to begin vaccinating college students on college campuses and employees at their places of work. This expansion could include unions, businesses, churches, etc. Beginning April 12th, vaccine providers can choose to take up to 25% of their vaccine allocations for that week and utilize that supply for the expansion to local businesses and non-profits.

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