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Intermittent Catheter Survey Underway to Identify True Costs of Providing Supplies

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The American Association for Homecare has engaged Dobson | DaVanzo & Associates, a well-respected actuary firm, to conduct a study to assess the direct and indirect costs of providing intermittent catheters (HCPCS A4351, A4352, A4353).  The intention of the study is to help the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and other payers better understand the comprehensive costs of caring for individuals who receive these products.  

Suppliers who provide intermittent catheters to Medicare beneficiaries are encouraged to take the survey.  Individual company responses will be confidential, and data will only be shared in aggregate with the overall nationwide survey findings.  


The OIG is working on a report regarding acquisition costs for urinary supplies compared to Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS) allowables.  Their intent is to provide information on costs to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  CMS in turn will consider opportunities to adjust the fee schedule or potentially include the product category in a future round of Competitive Bidding.  AAHomecare has engaged the OIG multiple times on the issue, providing information about the comprehensive costs and considerations of this product category.  

The OIG is currently conducting a supplier survey that exclusively looks at acquisition cost and does not factor the non-product costs of providing urological supplies, such as customer support, compliance, documentation requirements, and overall business operations.  Stakeholders in the urological supplies space are concerned that this survey will not adequately represent the true costs and expertise required for this product category, which could lead to rate reductions that jeopardize patient access to care.

How to Participate in Survey: 

Contact Ashley Plauché, AAHomecare’s Director of Member & Public Relations, for more information and/or to enroll your company as a survey participant for this important advocacy effort.  She may be reached via e-mail at  

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