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Compass Health - The Choice Ohio HME Supplier

OAMES Flagship Member Feature


Compass Health Logo 2The following article features one of OAMES 2023 Flagship members, Compass Health, based in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.  Compass Health is the only company who has maintained its Flagship status, the highest sponsorship level for OAMES associate members, for five years running.  Thank you to Compass Health for their strong commitment to OAMES!  

Today, Compass Health has established channel, customer, and product diversification while providing real solutions through double-digit growth. Currently boasting more than ten widely recognized brands that are distributed through multiple channels. Additionally, operating three distribution centers, and four channels with varied go-to market strategies to meet the individual needs of its partners and agile sourcing that enables progress despite challenging market conditions.

Compass Health Brands was born out of the union between Carex and Roscoe Medical. The name was carefully chosen by both organizations to reflect the innate passion for navigating the complexities of today’s health care environment and setting new direction for better patient outcomes. Both Carex and Roscoe Medical spurred from humble beginnings; Carex was founded in 1974 launching the first retail durable medical equipment brand and quickly growing into a market leader. Roscoe Medical was founded in 1993, originally as a respiratory replacement parts and distribution company, eventually growing into a major manufacturer and distributor of numerous brands.

In an industry full of options, commodities, and capped profits, the true differentiating factor in an organization is the service, stemming from passionate people. Today, 15% of the employees at Compass Health were hired prior to the merger. It is common to overhear the exchanging of origin stories, exuding excitement of the fast growing, ever-changing “baby” they each claim as their own – each of them looking forward to the next milestone to celebrate. Those hired more recently bring equal passion, new outlooks, and fresh eyes to challenge the veterans and bring refreshing ideas to continue  progressing. Together, the people have become the heartbeat of the company, embodied with the core values and moving in a singular direction, always with the patient in mind.



Contact:  Rob Clear, phone: 918-378-6685,

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