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Keep Ohio’s HME Voice Strong – Renew Your OAMES Membership Today!

OAMES Members and Prospective Members:

As an industry that comprises only 1.2% of most payers’ expenditures, we carry a heavy load of issues.  Despite this reality, history has proven that the best way to tackle these challenges is head-on with a unified voice.  The most cost effective way to do that is to collaborate and raise YOUR voice through support of your State Association.

Throughout 2012, OAMES was more involved than ever in partnering at both the state and federal level.  We continue to foster a positive and constructive working relationship with Ohio Medicaid officials and look forward to working with the new Office of Medical Assistance on the DME collaborative project in 2013.

We’re at a crossroads with the Medicare bidding program and its pending expansion.  We’d like to tell you we’ve had sweeping success but dealing with the federal government requires patience and tenacity.  Despite the frustratingly slow pace, we’re making progress.  Two of the key issues that OAMES will be working on at the federal level in 2013 are:

  1. Replacing the Medicare bidding program with the market pricing initiative to bring stability, sustainability and transparency to DME reimbursement;
  2. Reducing the burden and unfairness of Medicare audits assaulting DME companies and restoring consistent Medicare coverage policies.

We have a lot more work to do in 2013 and cannot do it without your monetary support and involvement.  Like the DME market in general, OAMES membership has been contracting.  We’ve seen an average 10.5 % reduction annually in membership over the past four years.  OAMES is surviving due to sound financial management and numerous operational cuts over the last few years, but in order to continue providing quality services and avoid reducing resources to tackle our critical issues, the OAMES Board made a difficult but conscientious decision to increase 2013 dues by 10%. 

OAMES membership is an investment to your livelihood.  Your support of the association is appreciated and vital to the future of our industry.  If you have any concerns whatsoever regarding your 2013 membership or OAMES' activities or member services, please contact Kam directly at 614/652-9927 or

If you're not a member and would like to speak with OAMES staff regarding benefits and costs, please contact Kam at the numbers above.  Membership information and application is available in the "Join" section of this website.

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