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Survey Request by AAHomecare

Tell Us About Your Patients' Awareness of Medicare Issues

The American Association for Homecare will soon be launching a new communications campaign designed to directly reach out to patients and rally them behind AAHomecare’s advocacy efforts.

Their new patient awareness campaign, "Save My Medical Supplies", will be aimed directly at patients – your customers – to build public awareness, and eventually a public outcry, from the millions of people who are receiving care from the HME industry.

To that end, we would appreciate your view on patients' level of familiarity with Medicare issues and reform.

Please take a moment to complete this brief survey. Your answers will serve as an important benchmark against which we will track the progress of the campaign.

Follow this link to complete the survey:

Thank you in advance for taking time to respond. Campaign resources and specifics will be shared in the coming weeks. HME providers and industry supporters should contact Beth Ludwick at AAHomecare, (, 202-372-0748) for more information and to learn how they can get involved.

Responses are confidential. We will not know respondents’ identity unless they choose to put that information in the comments section at the end of the survey.

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