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Keep Making Noise on HR 4920! We Need Congressional Support NOW!

One of the key take-aways from last week’s OAMES Annual Meeting is that we need to turn up the volume and NOW is a very critical time to remind your legislators that we need their support on HR 4920, the Medicare DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Improvement Act of 2014. The binding bid/licensure bill legislation is vital to move during this lame duck period, whether on its own or attached to another legislative vehicle, before Round 2 Rebid begins next year.

Please contact your legislator to let them know that this bill would allow medical equipment providers to continue delivering quality medical equipment and services to Medicare beneficiaries that so desperately need it. If you’re in a competitive bidding area, please share the impact on Medicare beneficiaries, your referral sources and your company – tell the story from the trenches that legislators need to hear.

This is YOUR fight! Please help us win it!

Email or call your Member of the US House of Representatives and ask them to support HR 4920. Our best prospects? Those legislators who support HR 1717 should also support HR 4920. The latter bill was introduced to fix two of the most critical, most non-controversial components of the bid program which are also included HR 1717: non-binding bids and lack of state licensure enforcement. As a much more narrow bill, it has a greater chance of moving quickly.  

 Co-sponsors for these bills from the Ohio Congressional delegation are noted below. Keep in mind, those listed in RED on the left are PRIME candidates to sign on to HR 4920 given their support for HR 1717. If your legislator is highlighted, PLEASE contact them ASAP!

 HR 1717                                                         HR 4920

 Rep. Steve Chabot (R)                                    Rep. Bill Johnson (R)

Rep. Bob Gibbs (R)                                        Rep. David Joyce (R)

Rep. Bill Johnson (R)                                      Rep. Bob Latta (R)

Rep. Jim Jordan (R)                                        Rep. Tim Ryan (D)

Rep. David Joyce (R)                                     Rep. Steve Stivers (R)

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (R)                                   Rep. Pat Tiberi (R)

Rep. James Renacci (R)

Rep. Tim Ryan (D)

Rep. Steve Stivers (R)           

Rep. Pat Tiberi (R)

Rep. Mike Turner (R) 

Click below to be linked to a number of resources on the American Association for Homecare’s website including an issue summary, talking points, Congressional contact information and more:

If you have any questions or need assistance with the message or contact with your Representative, please contact Kam Yuricich at the OAMES office at 

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